10 Best Toys To Gift This Newyear To Toddlers

by Palak aggarwal 21/12/2022

Hello Readers, 

Today, ToyGyan has brought to you with immense pleasure Its very special blog on 10 best toys to gift this newyear to toddlers. These toys have been handpicked by us , reviewed by doting mommies and are very interesting and fun. starting with a newyear and ending the previous one is a big deal. The new year symbolises a fresh start to all the problems, chaos ,happiness , relationships and so does the Children. So ToyGyan embarks its part in this journey with you all by sharing you its series of newyear gifts. 

For children, newyears is all about long holidays , winter holidays and a lot of fun and parties. The most excited part about it is the gifts they are going to get from their parents , uncles , aunts , grandparents and other elders of the family. As a child I remember we would wait all along for these gifts and what lesson it would hold. 

keeping in mind the perspective of parents we have consolidated this list of toys for all the parents who are the proud parents of toddlers to gift their children something special which would also help their discover some aspect of their life or would have a hidden lesson in them.  

So ToyGyan’s 10 Best Toys to Gift This Newyears To Toddlers  of for our lovely little toddlers would make your day super special and your little munchkin super happy and excited. Let me assure you gifts and toys have a huge role in parenting and picking up the right one is what we are here for. 

So if you are parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt or even a gurdian nd looking for special gift ideas for children for newyears ToyGyan is here at your rescue. 

Here's our pick of ToyGyan's 10 Best Toys to Gift This Newyears To Toddlers

1.FunBlast Multifunctional Magnetic Wooden Chalkboard

  – fun way for education 

toys for toddler

Age Suitability: 3+ 

This is a magnetic chalk board which is also wooden and eco-friendly. The child can draw with chalk or blackboard marker and also finish the puzzle which comes with it. Personally I really liked the toy , very educational and fun for kids. a must go for kids. 

currently retails for 627 Rs/- on amazon

2. Toyzone Educational Rider Car-50292

  -super fun

fun for toys

Age Suitability :  2

These wheels can be a super cute gift for our little baby. She/ He will just hop on and travel anywhere in the house and do the errands. Teaching them doing small errands, this would be a perfect tool to do that. 

currently retails for 1211 Rs/- 

3. The Book Tree Alphabet, Animals, Birds And Transport Stacking Cubes For Kids (10 Cubes)

  -Best for learning with fun 

10 best toys for toddlers

Age Suitability :  3+  

This is a paper based learning tower for kids which is very educational and fun. Its also a way to grow their gross motor skills and brain development. super affordable and fun to play with. 

currently retails for 599 Rs/- 

4. FunBlast Toy Building Blocks

toys for kids

Age Suitability : 2+ years 

Well generally these building blocks come with very few peices at very high prices. This one is about 290 pieces of blocks , for just 600 Rs/- only with super quality. Must for it. 

currently retails for 600 Rs /-

5.FunBlast Hand Puppets for Kids

  – Best in pretend and play 

Age Suitability: 2+ 

These puppets are super cute pretend and play toys for our cute little ones and their story telling sessions. Coming in many other animals figurines as well. Do check this out with super affordable price and completely safe wool material, perfect for little girls to play and make them their best buddy. 

currently retails for 340 Rs/- 

6. PLAY-DOH Birthday Fun Playset for Kids 3 Years and Up with 3 Non-Toxic Colors

  – crafty surprise

toys best for kids

Age Suitability: 2+  

This is a very  interesting DIY clay dough. favourite for the kids. The biggest lesson clay doughs give is that anything can be remoulded into something beautifull. The product is of high quality and at a very reaosnable cost and many clay tools are also included. 

currently retails for 349 Rs/- 

7. FunBlast Magnetic Drawing Board Educational Toy

  – Unique and fun. Best for space imagination 

10 best toys to gift for newyears to toddlers

Age Suitability: 3+ 

Very eye catchy , this magnetic drawing board is the craziest thing you can find in the market today. Very unique to play will cue children in their imagination and creativity. 

currently retails for 633 Rs/- on amazon

8. Amazon Brand - Jam & Honey Square Ball Pool (Without Balls)

  -Best for self playing 

best toys for kids

Age Suitability :  2

This square ball pool is perfect for self playing. children will enjoy playing it and is also a very safe , as it is made of cloth. 

currently retails for 1075 Rs/- 

9.Amazon Brand - Jam & Honey Caterpillar Tunnel - 6 Feet Long

  -Best for enjoying with friends and cousins 

toys for girls

Age Suitability :  2+  

This cloth based tunnel is so cute and fun to play with. specially when friends and cousins are around. They can jamm and vibe together in their own cozy space. 

currently retails for 840 Rs/- 

10.Clapjoy Montessori Ball Tracker Wooden Ball Drop

Age Suitability : 2+ years 

This wooden ball tracker for kids is so joyfull and the balls produce very cool sounds. the quality is superb and little toddlers love it.  

currently retails for 999 Rs /-

To summarise , all the toys are simply of premium quality and are a go to. I would definately recommend the hidden gem of my blog which would be FunBlast Multifunctional Magnetic Wooden Chalkboard  .  all the of the other products are also a great option for invoking the new years enthusiasm and fun in children. Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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