10 Unique Soft Toys For Baby Girls

by Palak aggarwal 15/11/2022

Hello Readers, 

TOday I’m here with an amazing list of unique soft toys specially for girls. Well  as  Ziana’s favourite masi , she always orders me to get her her favourites. and this time it was her maoli (she calls soft toys as maoli). Well upon searching so many soft toys and looking in the market for almost 2-3 weeks , I selected a few toys not only for her but also for you all. Because I know the problem i faced is a problem for so many people.Finding that one perfect soft toy for the princess is so difficult specially when all the shops have almost similar toys and online the quality is not guarenteed.

All the toys mentioned in the blog are completely tested , thouroughly checked and played by our child testers and  me and then brought to you people.  

Here's our pick of 10 Unique Soft Toys For baby girls, as tested by children and rated by their parents

1.Little Innocents® Big Size Fibre Filled Stuffed Animal Elephant Soft Toy for Baby of Plush Material Hugging Pillow

  -Best for comfy sleep  

cute elephant soft toy and baby comfortor for girls

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is: It is a very soft 60 cm long elephant by Indian brand little moments. A perfect and budget friendly sleeping buddy with eye-soothing grey colour and cute hand stitched eyes.  It is also washable

currently retails for 699 Rs/- on amazon

Why we love it :  I personally bought this toy for my 1 year old niece Ziana for her birthday. My personal experience with the toy was amazing. As a masi I wanted to give her soemthing really safe and comfy. Its so soft that she quickly falls asleep and the material is completely child safe. Also the colour is very soothing to the eyes and it is ziana’s favourite toy and hence it had to be on the top my list.  

2. Mirada Bunny Soft Toy - Peach

  -Best sleep buddy 

plush rabbit for girl

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is:  It is a 35 cm long  rabbit with adorable eyes and cuddly surface. It is washable and bright peachy colour makes it the apple of the eye for any girl out there. 

currently retails for 749 Rs/- 

Why we love it: Well I personally love it for his eyes but aaradhya said “mummmaa ye meraa pu-pu bunny hai. ” yeah aaradhya not only played with it but also keeps her constantly in her arms. She can even fight with her appa for it . 

3. Babique Elephant Sitting Plush Soft Toy Cute Kids Animal

  -Best role play 

cow soft toy for girls

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is:  This cute farm cow is best for pretend and play. It is 30 cm long and has intricate design on its body replicating like cows. 

currently retails for 399 Rs/- 

Why we love it: The cow is stiched perfectly and looks pretty neat. And the stuff was also good. While playing Kiara spillt her milk over it, so that becomes very unhigienic, I was very dicy on washing   but yeah even after the wash the cow was in perfect shape. Kiara loves it. I mean it’s going great. 

4. Personalised Baby Comforter Cuddly Toy

  -Best eco-friendly alternative 

personalised baby comfortor

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is: This is a 30X39 cm muslin baby comfortor made from cotton and muslin cloth. It comes with brautifull crochet detailing and is also customisable. 

currently retails for 1776 Rs/- 

Why we love it: Well I waited for almost 2 weeks for this baby comfortor This toy was complete worth the wait . It is so beautifull, kut-kut (my niece ) loves it already.We put the same scent as my sister in the comfortor , she sleeps with it for hours. It doesnot have any polyester fillingsand is completely eco-friendly. 

5. Plush Toy with Security Blanket - Beige Animal

  -Best eco-friendly alternative 

cute rhino and baby comfortor

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Newborns 

What it is:  This is a beige coloured rhino with a cute star embedded blanket. Perfect gift for newly mommies of baby girls. There are many colour options to choose from. 

currently retails for 1799Rs/- 

Why we love it:  The fabric is soo soft and perfect for child’s skin. The rhino is really very pretty. I think it would be perfect for children upto 1 year. I loved it.  

6. LOVEY DOVEY Kangaroo Soft Toy for Girl

  -Best for Pretend and Play 

kangaroo soft toy for girls

  -Best eco-friendly alternative 

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is: It is a 30 cm kamgaroo mother with daughter kangaroo. The stuff toy is so adorable that the little princess will definately fall in love with it. 

currently retails for 399 Rs/- 

Why we love it: My daughter is 3 years old and she literally loved it. It is very unique and sahima just cant keep her calm. She eats only after feedinf her kangaroo. I think she found her best-friend. 

7. Amazon Brand - Jam & Honey Dog Soft Toy with Closed Eyes, Grey

  -Great for collection 

cute sleeping cat soft toy for girls

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is: The latest additions to the ever-expanding collection of 55cm-high soft plush animals, each with their own quirky character, and adorable smiles . 

currently retails for 499 Rs/– 

Why we love it : There’s a very cute husky sleeping  in this collection – but they are all SO irresistibly squishy and squeezable, as our child testers all rushed to report. Manya, 4, who tested Jam & Honey Dog (pictured, above) spoke for them all when she said, “she’s amazing! I love her: she’s so soft.” Bestselling soft-toy class.

8. Soft toys-Octopus

  -Great for collection  

cute octopus soft toy for girls

  -Best eco-friendly alternative 

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is:  This is a very cute pink octopus made of polyester fibre. Perfect to pretend and play. 

currently retails for 549Rs/- 

Why we love it : The material is soft, and our child testers loved the its sensory feel. We like the classy design, and colour too making it perfect for girls .

9. Lil'ted Soft Toys (Flora Doll (52 cm), Purple)

  -Great for friendship 

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is: It is a 55 cm cute flora doll with cute purple polka dot skirt. Perfect best friend for little princesses for hugging , cuddling and imaginitive playing. 

currently retails for 290Rs/- 

Why we love it :  Our child testers were in complete awe of this cute doll. specially Kiara , 4 said “This is my bestfriend. you go i will stay with her ” to her mother. 

10. Panda's Box Mantra Chanting Musical Baby Krishna Plush Toy

  -Best for holistic religious approach 

Age Suitability : From Birth | Best for Age 2+

What it is: This is a musical krishna soft toy , which will not only familiarise God to children but also its musical mantras teach them the holy mantra chanting. Will bring a positive change to the environment with its presence. 

currently retails for 999Rs/- 

Why we love it :  This is a must buy product as it recieved a very positive reception from not only parents but also children. the newborns were sleeping better , the girls are not loving krishna but also learning to worship. Krishika , 4 said , “krishna ji is my brother. he plays with me. I love him. ” 

To summarise , As your shopping guide I would recommend the hugging elephant , the baby comfortor and little krishna for your little princess. Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 


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