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Toygyan has only one mission: To Educate People About The Best Toys And Games For Their Kids And Themselves. We believe toys and games are phoenix in our life who revive our
childhood and child within ourselves. In the world of technology where anything and everything is available online, there must be someone who can review products and let you
know is it worth it?

Toygyan will review best toys for you and bring to your notice the most unique and expenditure worthy games for all age groups.

Being bought up with 3 younger siblings and 5 nieces and nephews, I realised how little we know about toys and games. Watching my cousins struggling with parenthood, education and the screen times children spend time upon was definately a wake up call. Then I decided to build up this Toygyan, An initiative brought to you for you to help you choose the best for your flower buds.

We often do not spend the require amount of time with kids or even our contemporaries because we just dont know how to spend time or enjoy without the screens around. How boring the old Ludo’s and snakes and ladder have become , So we at Toygyan will review each and every toy in market and will let you know “Is it worth the penny”. it will review all the viral games and will tell you “Is it really worth the hype”.

Giving the best to kids is the primary responsibility and wish for all the parents. And guiding you through it, is our primary responsibility. Toygyan wishes you a happy parenting and self-evolving
journey. we seek your love and support in ours.



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Please abide by the following rules while surfing Toygyan.com.  Folks who break the rules will be subject to a site ban.

  1. No personal attacks of any kind – treat all members and guests with respect.Keep it PG – we’re a toy site, and we have kid members.
  2. No leaked pictures – discussion of items you’ve seen elsewhere is fine, but we have several members and regular guests from various toy companies and respect their intellectual property.
  3. No spam, including but not limited to – advertisements of toy-related stores or customs commissions, affiliated linking within the forum, post count bumps, thread bumps, duplicate posts in a thread, and duplicate posts across boards
  4. Toygyan.com reserves the right to remove any content (posts, images, avatars, signatures, and anything else you might be able to put up) at our sole discretion.
  5. Incase of issues related to the content or copyright issues please contact at info.toygyan@gmail.com.  


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