Best Baby Gym, Play Mats For New Born Babies

Best Baby Gym, Play Mats For New Born Babies

by Palak aggarwal 30/11/2022

Hello Readers, 

Toygyan has brought to you its another blog on baby playmats  or baby gym for new-born baby kids. These newborn babies are so fragile and yet they are so energetic. For the first few months their only activities are to sleep, feed , kick , cry and sleep. Well when I was a little baby my would often wrap me in a tight cloth so that I can free myself. Well I dont exactly remember how I used to feel. But seeing my niece do the same , It was an absolute joy and peace. Well then it came to my mind about the baby gyms and i found some amazing options to choose from. So ,  Here it is ToyGyan’s list of Best Baby Gyms or Play Mats For New Born Babies.

My Suggestions

There are just suggestions our team found and they turned out to be pretty impressive and popular among mothers. There are many cheaper and expensive options available in the market.

TOYGYAN has tried to keep my suggestions in the budget under 4000 Rs/- so as to keep it really affordable for those of you who really want to give their children the best. The products are claimed to be made of good quality and ensures comfortable experience and tension free bathing. 

Here's our Best BabyGym/Play Area For New-Born Babies

1 Angaa Sr.Play Gym, Activity Centre-for Baby

Currently selling at 525 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : Good

Age0 -1  year 

Materials : Plastic

REVEIW:  A cheap option to let babies enjoy their excersie sessions. 

2. STOFFIER GARTEN Baby Gym Play Mat, Kick and Play Piano Gym


Currently selling at 1279 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : Very Good 

Age: Upto 1 year  

Materials : Plastic

Review : This is a very  affordable option to induce fun and music. If the baby kicks right he is rewarded with music and also the rattles are very cute and attractive. 

3. Baby Gym - Felt Star Sun Cloud (0 to 12 Months)


Currently selling at 3200 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : premium

Age: 0- 1 years  

Materials : WOODEN 

Review : Absolute perfect and favourite. The wooden stand, 4 felt toys and screws . You can use your own hanging toys as well in place of these felt toys. 

4. Haus & Kinder Baby Playmat Crawling Foldable Cotton Activity Gym

Currently selling at 3279 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : premium

Age: upto 1  years  

Review :Pretty good. The rainbow theme is very soothing and also there are many other options available in beautifull colours. 

5.Baby Gym - Crochet Desert

baby gym

Currently selling at 3300 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality :  Good 

Age: Upto 1 year 

Materials : wooden stands and crochet toys. 

Review from mothers : This product is super cool. Little expensive but for the quality worth it. 

To summarise , all the gyms  mentioned are simply a go to. They are a great option for gifting as well.My personal favourite is Haus & Kinder Baby Playmat Crawling Foldable Cotton Activity Gym. The price is justified for its quality and the items it has.It is made of partly cotton and poly filling and is safe .The best part is it is made in India and has a great potential ahead. Another option can be Baby Gym – Felt Star Sun Cloud (0 to 12 Months)  which has premium quality , completely ecofriendly and safe and almost similarly priced. 

Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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