Best Bath Tubs For New-Born Babies

by Palak aggarwal 18/11/2022

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Toygyan has brought to you its another blog on Bathtubs for new-born baby kids. New born babies are so fragile and delicate that it really is scary to bath them. These bath tubs will ease your work and make it hassle free. Here it is ToyGyan’s  Best Bath Tubs For New Born Babies.

My Suggestions

There are just suggestions our team found and they turned out to be pretty impressive and popular among mothers. There are many cheaper and expensive options available in the market.

TOYGYAN has tried to keep my suggestions in the budget under 4000 Rs/- so as to keep it really affordable for those of you who really want to give their children the best. The products are claimed to be made of good quality and ensures comfortable experience and tension free bathing. 

Here's our Best Bath tubs For New-Born Babies

1. THE LITTLE LOOKERS Baby Bath Tub for Newborn / Infants


Currently selling at 1149 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : Good

Age0-6 months

Materials : Plastic

Review from mothers : It was very comfortable to bath Ziana in the tub. The quality is fair. 


2. Inllex Baby Safety Bath Support Cushion 3-in-1

bath tub

Currently selling at 1425 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : premium

Age: 0-6 months 

Materials : Plastic

Review from mothers : I wish I had this during my first child. This is really a very good product and perfect for new mothers even for the second timers.

3. BabyTeddy Patented Baby Bath Tub


Currently selling at 2050 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : premium

Age: 0- 4 years  

Materials : Plastic

Review from mothers : Contains a temperature sensor which was quite cool. And its very handy for me. Best part is it can be used for many more years ahead 

4. StarAndDaisy Foldable Infant Bath Tub

Currently selling at 2299 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : premium

Age: 0- 4 years  

Review from mothers :Pretty good. The only thing is the colour options are a little less. But definitely a great product 

5. Knick Knack Richell Japan Soft Baby Bath Tub for Newborn

Currently selling at 2099 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : good 

Age: 0- 6 months  

Materials : Vinyl

Review from mothers : This product is super cool. Definately loved it. 

6. Skip Hop Moby Softspot Sink Bather, Blue (235110)

Currently selling at 3998 Rs/- on Amazon . 

Quality : premium

Age: 0- 6 months   

Materials : cotton 

Review from mothers : The product is genuinely of premium quality. And is made of cotton, something I really loved about. I would definitely recommend this product to new moms. 

To summarise , all the bathers mentioned are simply of premium quality and are a go to. They are a great option for gifting as well.My personal favourite is Skip Hop Moby Softspot Sink Bather, Blue. A bit expensive but perfect for newborns. made of 100% cotton and is safe and premium. The best part is it is made in India and has a great potential ahead . 

Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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