Best Gender Neutral Cradles, Cot and hammock for newborn kids

by Palak aggarwal 16/11/2022

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Today ToyGyan has brought to you with immense pleasure Its list of best baby cots, cradles, and hammocks for newborn babies. Toygyan team works tirelessly in searching, testing, and reviewing the best products for babies so that you can experience comfort and ease. 

The list has tried to be budget friendly and all the baby cots are below the range of 5000. Baby cots are best for gifting purposes also. So if you are looking for a perfect and special gift for your niece or nephew must read ahead. 

Here's our pick of Best Gender Neutral Cradles, Cot and hammock for newborn kids

1. jig's creation Unique Newborn Baby Round Tub Bedding Set

  -Best for budget-friendly 

baby cot for new born baby

Age Suitability: From Birth | up to 1 year 

What it is: This durable bedding set comes with 3 cute multi-shape pillows. The structure of the bed is designed to be round and walled to prevent children from falling down. It also has a lot of leg room for leg activities for children.

currently retails for 1199 Rs/- on amazon

Why we love it: As a mother, I love it because It is super affordable and the quality is also super amazing. And also It is very spacious and portable. Ziana can be moved into any room of the house comfortably, even after the massage sessions for sunlight, It just makes my living so much better. And also it is reversible so I can use it for a longer period of time. 

2. Wishing Clouds Hanging macrame Baby Cradle,

  -Eco-friendly crafty alternative 

macrame cradle for children

Age Suitability : From Birth | Up To 2 years 

What it is: This is a hanging macrame hammock or cradle for newborn babies. It looks super chic and classy. The threads are handcrafted and carefully wooven to make it perfectly safe for the new-born. It can also work as a swing in later stages of the child. It can sustain weight upto 30 Kg

currently retails for 2999 Rs/- 

Why we love it: Well As a Mother I love it for the portability of it. Also it keeps my child away from plastics and micro-plastic around. It is perfect for my child, she loves sleeping in it , and playing in it and it makes my work so easy and hassle-free. 

3. Kiddery Maia New Born Baby Cradle with Improved Mattress Design and Mosquito Net Protection

  -Best in Quality 


Age Suitability : From Birth | Up To 6 months 

What it is:This is maiya cradle from kiddery which comes in two beautiful colours blue and pink. The stands of the cradle are complete metallic and also comes with the wheels for easy strolling across the home. The wheels also have easy locks and the mosquito nets to protect the baby from mosquitos. 

currently retails for 2999 Rs/- 

Why we love it:It is a very pretty and easy to handle cradle. And also It is made of child-safe fabric which is quite impressive and quality wise it is a Go To. Honestly It can be reused again for years It is so on good quality. 

4. Kiddery Starry Night Baby Bed in a Bag

  – Best for portable bedding 

travel bed for kids

Age Suitability: From Birth | Up To 8 months 

What it is: This portable bedding set is very soft and comfortable for babies and assures dreamy sleep to the baby. It can be folded into a compact piece for traveling. It is perfect for picnics, trips, and even Nani house trips. 

currently retails for 3,238Rs/- 

Why we love it: This makes life easier really. Tushar is habitual of his bed and carrying it everywhere was really a problem. But this foldable and easy-to-handle bed made it super easy to relax Tushar. 

5. abracadabra 5-Piece Cotton Baby Cot Bedding Set

  – Hidden Gem

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Age Suitability: From Birth | Up To 3 years 

What it is: This baby cot is a premium choice for parents and comes with quilt, pillows and bed sheet . It perfectly goes with the surrounding and its polish and finish looks absolutely stunning. It is also adjustable to align it to the bed or a big full fledged cot. It can be used up to 3 years for the babies. 

currently retails for 4999 Rs/- 

Why we love it:The baby cot is amazing. The look ,the quality, the experience. I am speechless. I would just say , at this price this is amazing 

To summarise , all the toys are simply of premium quality and are a go to. They are a great option for gifting as well. Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 


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