Best Wooden Rattles For New-Born Babies

Best Wooden Rattles For New-Born Babies

by Palak aggarwal 18/11/2022

Hello Readers, 

Rattles are those sweet toys which can deviate any crying baby’s attention to its soothing sound and look. While in the market there are plenty of plastic rattles Here I have brought you my pick in Wooden Rattles . Plastic rattles are a big no to me. They are cheap but they harm environent. They are made from toxins and expose children to the micro plastics. Opt for alternatives is very important as micro plastics can be very dangerous and harmful as they can travel inside the body even through breathing. Toygyan helps in best way possible to make this switch easy for you.Hence , Toygyan presents to you its Best Wooden Rattles For new-Born Babies 

For those who are reading my blog for the first time let me tell you why Wooden Rattle ?

Why Wooden Rattle ?

Wooden rattles are made from quality. They are eco-friendly and have long shelf life. Although they are a bit too pricy but are worth the money as they are child safe.

My Suggestions

There are just suggestions our team found and they turned out to be pretty impressive and popular among children. There are many cheaper and expensive options available in the market.

TOYGYAN has tried to keep my suggestions in the budget under 1000 Rs/- so as to keep it really affordable for those of you who really want to give their children the best. The products are claimed to be made of good quality wood and even if the child puts it in his mouth, It will be perfectly safe and healthy for him.

Here's our Best Wooden Rattles For New-Born Babies

1. Mini Baby Wooden Non Toxic Colourful Rattle Toys for New Born Baby


Currently selling at 199 Rs/- on Amazon 

2. Wooden Rainbow Baby Rattle Toys


Currently selling at 279 Rs/- on Amazon 

3. Egg Rattles - Set Of 2


Currently selling at 320 Rs/- on Amazon 

4. Channapatna Toys Wooden RollingToy for Baby


currently retails for 398 Rs/- 


5. Ariro Wooden Rattle Curvy with The Rings


Currently retails at 399 Rs /- 

6. shumee Handmade Wooden Bear Rattle


Currently retails at 474Rs/- 

7. Channapatna Toys Non Toxic Wooden Rattles for Baby


Currently retails at 487 Rs /- 

8. Wooden Montessori Rattle


Currently retails at 499 Rs/- 

9. WudCraft Wooden Baby Rattles


Currently retails at 699 Rs/- 

10 .Rattles - Ringo and Dumbell (1 to 2 years)


Currently retails at  740 Rs/-

To summarise , all the toys mentioned are simply of premium quality and are a go to. They are a great option for gifting as well.My personal favourites are bear rattle from shumee and rolling toy from channapatna , The prices are mediocre and quality is premium. It is priced to suit masses and has a great potential ahead 

Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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