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by Palak aggarwal 1/01/2023

Hello Readers, 

A whole new year has been turned around and a fresh start has marked its existence with a very new year. Team TOygyan wishes you a very happy new year and loads of love and wishes for you and you family. 

Today, ToyGyan has brought to you with immense gratitude and enthusiasm the Toys under budget series where we shall put forth all the interesting toys under the budget which you can buy and make your children happy go lucky. Children can be very stubborn at times, though their this habbit is very irritating but it is also how the childhood is supposed to be. 

For children, Toys are their life, their childhood surrounds around their folks. keeping in mind the perspective of parents we have consolidated this list of toys for all the parents who are the proud parents to gift their children something special which would also help their discover some aspect of their life or would have a hidden lesson in them.  

So ToyGyan’s Interesting Toys For Kids under 500 Rs/-  for our kids under the budget and super interesting to play with. 

So if you are parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt or even a guardian and looking for BUDGET FRIENDLY TOYS for children ToyGyan is here at your rescue. 


1. Funskool Games - Topple, Strategy balancing and skill game


fun party game

Age Suitability: 5+ 

currently retails for 332 Rs/- on amazon. 

2. PLAY-DOH Birthday Fun Playset

  -super fun

toys best for kids

Age Suitability :  2

currently retails for 499 Rs/- 

3. SCOOBA pastal Fabric Animal Soft Toy (Duck)

  -Best sleep buddy 

Age Suitability :  for all age groups 

currently retails for 350 Rs/- 

4. SCOOBA Frock Dress Rabbit Doll

toys for kids

Age Suitability : 0+ years 

currently retails for 49Rs /-

5. Outline Metallic Sketch Pen Set Marker Pens

  – Best in activity learning and skill development 

Age Suitability: 3+ 

currently retails for 333 Rs/- 

6. Butterfly EduFields Magnetic Shape Tiles

  – brain storming 

Age Suitability: 2+  

currently retails for 459 Rs/- 

7. Wooden Math Board

  – best for pretend and play

toys in budget -friendly educational

Age Suitability: 5+ 

currently retails for 549 Rs/- on amazon

8. Eco Basket Channapatna Wooden Press Base Joker Toy in Red Color ©

  -Best for self playing 

toys for boys

Age Suitability :  0+  

currently retails for 475 Rs/- 

9. Funskool Star Links, Multicoloured Interlocking Learning Educational Blocks

  -best for collection

educational toys for kids

Age Suitability :  2+  

currently retails for 375 Rs/- 

10. Amisha GIft Gallery 48 Pcs 3 Dice Challenging Wooden Game

toys under budget

Age Suitability : 5+ years 

currently retails for 349 Rs /-

The above suggestions are made on the bsis of latest trends and newest addition in the toy market. we hope to bring you more such amazing deals every months and with each of our budget friendly blog.  For more such interesting blogs do sign up my newletter or follow toygyan’s official instagram handle and keep supporting.  Do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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