List of Good Crochet Dolls For New-Born Babies

List of Good Crochet Dolls

by Palak aggarwal 17/11/2022

Hello Readers, 

My previous blog for dolls was much appreciated by all. There were many requests for suggestions on crochet dolls for babies. So in this blog some interesting suggestions on crochet dolls and figurines which you can purchase for your children.ToyGyan presents to you its List of Good Crochet Dolls For New-Born Babies.

Crochet Dolls are not only an absolute alternative to non-biodegradable plastic rattles which expose children to micro-plastics but also are hand-woven with loads of love and blessings.

For those who are reading my blog for the first time let me tell you why crochet ?

Why Crochet ?

Crochet dolls are an absolute alternative to non-biodegradable plastic rattles which expose children to micro-plastics but also are hand-woven with loads of love and blessings. 

Lets understand this with pros and cons list.


  1. Environment friendly 
  2. Handcrafted with love and blessings 
  3. Contains no micro-plastic 
  4. Safer for children 
  5. Currently trendy and are customisable at many pages. 


  1. More expensive than plastic ones 

Quality ?

Quality wise crochet rattles are generally very good and child safe. As of my suggestions , All the products mentioned below have passed our quality standards that is why they have landed in ToyGyan’s Toy of the Month Pick.

My Suggestions

There are just suggestions our team found and they turned out to be pretty impressive and popular among children. There are many cheaper and expensive options available in the market.

TOYGYAN has tried to keep my suggestions in the budget under 3000 Rs/- so as to keep it really affordable for those of you who really want to give their children the best. The products are claimed to be made of 100 % cotton and the figurines are absolute lovely and pretty. The figurines are so soft and child safe and they will instantly become your child’s favourite.

Here's our List of Good Crochet Dolls For New-Born Babies

1. Clapjoy Soft Hand Knitted Cotton Thread Doll For Babies


Currently selling at 999 Rs/- on Amazon 

2. Lyfgoods Crochet Stuffed Doll Soft Toy with Crochet Stuffed Soft Toy Elephant


Currently selling at 850 Rs/- on Amazon 

3.Peacock Crochet Doll For babies


Currently selling at 2299 Rs/- on Amazon 

4. Loophoop Crochet Teddy Bear for Babies and Kids

stuff toys

currently retails for 750 Rs/- 


5.Pluchi Bunny Toy for Babies (Stuffed Toys)


Currently retails at 599 Rs /- 

6.Crochet Doll | Hopper The Bunny Bursty Orange


Currently retails at 1273Rs/- 

7. Crochet Unicorn


Currently retails at 1480 Rs /- 

8. Crochet Slender Doll - Adam the Lion


Currently retails at 1499 Rs/- 

9. Crochet Slender Doll - Buddy Bear

crochet toy

Currently retails at 1499 Rs/- 

9. Crochet Slender Doll - Buddy Bear


Currently retails at 1499Rs/- 

To summarise , all the toys mentioned are simply of premium quality and are a go to. They are a great option for gifting as well.My personal favourites are crochet ball and doll from clapjoy, The colours are very vibrant and quality is premium. It is priced to suit masses and has a great potential ahead 

Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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