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Today ToyGyan has brought to you with immense pleasure Its very special blog on Special Toys to gift for christmas for girls These toys have been handpicked by us , reviewed by doting mommies and are very interesting and fun. Christmas is a time of fun and activities. A week long holiday filled with crazy family get togethers , dreamy reunions , food activities , prayers , carols , santa and loads of gifts. 

So why not make the christmas special with the santa’s handpicked gifts indeed with ToyGyan. So ToyGyan’s Special toys to gift for christmas of for our lovely boys would make your day super special and your little munchkin super happy and excited. Let me assure you gifts and toys have a huge role in parenting and picking up the right one is what we are here for. 

So if you are. parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt or even a gurdian nd looking for special gift ideas for children for christmas here is your Go-TO

Here's our pick of Special toys to gift for christmas for girls

1.Jungle Magic Doodle Artz Music, White

  -Super crafty and fun 

toys for girls

Age Suitability: 4+ 

Doodles is the newest trendy way to express feelings and emotions. A perfect sneak out from regular studies and expanding the horizons beyond imagination. It also works as a stress buster and would strike the matchsticks of imagination. 

currently retails for 382 Rs/- on amazon

2. Imagimake Indian Art Forms-Arts and Crafts for Kids Ages 8-12,

  -super fun

gifting ideas for girls

Age Suitability :  4+ 

What it is

Includes 5 forms of Indian forms of painting. It is a perfect gift to teach girls the culture and legacy of Indian art forms and keep them busy and creative. 

currently retails for 1199 Rs/- 

3.Webby Beach House ABS Building Blocks Kit



Age Suitability :  3+  

What it is:

The company claims to be a 5+ toy but I feel 3+ kids would also enjoy the construction set. Complete value for money product and I absolutely loved the detailing. The girls would go crazy for this doll house for sure. This one is a must have for sure.  Also a complete value for money product which comes with superb quality. 

currently retails for 1139 Rs/- 

4.Kalakaram Bubble Candles Making Kit

Age Suitability : 4+ years 

What it is:

This set is what I am suggesting for our girls because its super fun creative and a skill. Candle making is something super fun and once learnt through this art kit they even experiment more on other artistic things as well. It would keep them busy and super involved and would help them grow in their lives as well.   

currently retails for 999 Rs /-

5.FunBlast Hand Puppets for Kids

  – Best in pretend and play 

Age Suitability: 2+ 

What it is:

These puppets are super cute pretend and play toys for our cute little ones and their story telling sessions. Coming in many other animals figurines as well. Do check this out with super affordable price and completely safe wool material, perfect for little girls to play and make them their best buddy. 

currently retails for 340 Rs/- 


6. Toykraft: Fridge Magnet Mould & Paint, Craft Kit for Kids, Learning Activity Games, DIY Toys, DIY Craft Kit,

  – crafty surprise

Age Suitability: 6-13 years  

What it is:  This is a very  interesting DIY mask making kit. girls can scare someone out, this would be a dream come true for them. Now they can be the mask girls or the detective with the mask or simply ghost. Loved this product personally . A must recommended product. 

currently retails for 269 Rs/- 


7.Funskool Games - Topple, Strategy balancing and skill game, Stack 5 in a row, Kids & Family, 2 - 4 players, 6 & above

  -Super fun

fun party game

Age Suitability: 6+

Parenting is more than providing. Its more about spending quality time and giving memorising worthy memories than spending extravagantly on kids or fulfilling all their wishes. This is a perfect reminder for the same . It is a strategic game based on strategising and ballencing. Very soon a full fledged vlog on how to play the game is comming. It also comes with a manual to help you with the rules and yes it is a super family entertainer and one of my favourites in this christmas month . 

currently retails for 332 Rs/- on amazon

8. Scoobies Velvet Art Book - New Edition (Uni World)

  -super fun

Age Suitability :  4+ 

What it is:

This is a surprise box for girls totally their favourite unicorn with a lot of creative activities. You can definitely go for this product if you are looking something to keep your child busy and also make her super happy. 

currently retails for 719 Rs/- 

9. Clapjoy Tic Tac Cambio Gobblet Gobblers Wooden

Special Toys to gift for christmas for boys

Age Suitability : 5+ years 

What it is: It is a fun strategic game which has revolutionised.  Our age-old ways of playing tic- tac-toe. Very soon a full vlog on how to play. A perfect banger for your little one. 

currently retails for 670 Rs /-

10. Clapjoy Wooden Memory Game for Kids |

  – Best in memory 

Age Suitability: 4-8 years

What it is: This game is perfect to make your little one sharp minded and give thier brains a kick excersize and fun too. this will surely divert their minds from teh crazy mobiles to some creative and brainstorming activities.  comes with 4 doublesided sheets , an amzing product. 

currently retails for 720 Rs/- 

  – crafty surprise

To summarise , all the toys are simply of premium quality and are a go to. I would definately recommend the hidden gem of my blog which would be funskool’s Topple.  The game is a super entertainer and fun for children and helps sharping their minds too.  all the of the other products are also a great option for invoking the christmas spirits and fun in children. Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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