Top 10 Wooden Toys under 1000 Rs for (3-6 yrs) kids

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Are you also among the people who are searching for eco-friendly alternatives for  greener environment ? A safe place for the kids of your kids to play. But do you struggle to find engaging toys for the goal ? Do you also get lost while purchasing toys ?Do you also find wooden toys expensive ?Well here you go  ToyGyan brings to you Top 10 Wooden Educational Toys under Rs 1000/- for Kids of age-group  (3-6 years)

The delicate age-group where our kids not only become curious making are days clouds of laughter by their inexplainable questions but also become a power house of energy which is ready to explode almost any time of the day. Meanwhile it is a task as parents to be able to keep children away from the addictive screens and virtual world we often feel the limited and regular options in the market which are way too overprised when they come under the eco-friendly safe play. 

In this blog you will see a list of 10 toys which are affordable , wooden , educational and also very interesting and unique which will boost your child’s enthusiasm and creativity in play and learn. So lets move ahead with it. Read ahead to know more. 

Here's our pick of the Best Wooden Educational Toys for kids, as tested by children and rated by their parents

1. Wooden Tangram

  -Best for brain training 

japanese puzzle

Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 4+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: This ancient chinese puzzle contains 7 pieces of shapes 5 triangles , 1 paralellogram and 1 square. The combination these seven shapes children can make 6000+ figures and more.

currently retails for 290Rs/- 

Why we love it :  This ancient puzzle game helps children expand their imagination and think beyond the horizon. “Its a fun game and krishika totally loved it. It occupied her time and growth. A very big thumbs up !”, said samaira, mother of our child tester krishika, 4. 

2. Galliard Games Wooden Puzzle Number Slide Fifteen Puzzle

  -Best for analytical thinking 

math sliding game

Age Suitability : 4+ | Best for Age 6+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: It is a wooden 5×5 puzzle which measures around 18 x 18 x 1 cm and weighs 270 Gram.The soft edges prevent children from any possible accidents and the look of the game is quite royal. 

Currently retails for 490 Rs on amazon /-

Why we love it : Made from completely safe wood is a unique math sliding puzzle game which can help children boost their memory and analytical skills. “krishna toh loved it. She was hooked to the game untill she  finished it. It took her around 5 days but she did it. and now also she plays with it. “, said Roshni, mother of our child-tester Krishna, 5. As for Krishna, Her verdict to the game was , “Its amazinggggg. Can I get some more puzzles like this ? “. Well surely we are going to fulfill her wish in the process of presenting more toys to you. 

The Galliard game board is available  in. 3×3 number puzzle, 5×5 number puzzle , 4×4 number puzzle and 5×5 alphabet puzzle. All budget friendly and premium. You can try out any. 

3. Wooden Gardening Tools with Mini Sprinkler Set

  -Best for learning about plants 

gardening tools

Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 5+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: It is a 4 piece metal-wooden set of gardening tools designed for kids. It contains a Trowel, Shovel , Rake and sprinkler.The size are accustomed for the kids hands  with absolute no sharp edges making it safe for the kids to play. Currently retailing at the price of 531 Rs /- this product is definately worth your money.

Why we love it : All children love to do gardening and parents will also enjoy this fun session with their kids.Lets hear it from the parent of our child tester, Mrs. Smita Joshi, “It occupies a good amount of time with Preesha and Pratham. It is a fix that every sunday now they will sow a new plant and water them throughout the week. Its is a healthy activity in which they learn also and have fun also. The best part is that the tools are completely blunt and safe.  “

4. Spelling Games Words Matching Letter Puzzles Game

-Best for learning spellings and sight words 

game to learn spellings

Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 3+

Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: This is colourfull educational kit comes with 2 sets of alphabets, picture puzzles for pattern recognition and a storage bag to keep them. It will help in learning of basic spellings, sight words and pattern recognition.

Currently selling at the price of 699 , definately worth your time and money. 

Why we love it : Uniquely designed multipurpose toy to help you get involve with your kid in the learning process. “Manvi is always playing this spelling game with her dad. Its like a competition between him and her. A big thumbs up from his side indeed ” , said ayushi mother of our child tester Manvi, 3.

5. Clapjoy Wooden Memory Game for Kids

  -Best for brain excersize 


Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 4+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: It is a wooden 4×4 puzzle which measures around ‎24.9 x 24.6 x 4.8 cm and weighs 730 Grams. This game comes with 8 sides of cards conraining differnt areas like vehicles, vegetables etc. , a wooden plate and blocks. It is very affordable and and amazing product with the price and quality that it offers makes it our list of the best.

It retails for around 740 Rs currently on Amazon

Why we love it :   This is a very unique fun game helpfull for memory practice ,brain  development and  learning.”Unique and fun. Not only shreya even I play it sometimes. really a big thumbs up ” said Mrs Tara, mother of our child tester Shreya.

You can definately try this unique game. it comes with 8 sides of cards and can be played individually or in the pair of two.

6. Toyroom- Wooden Planks Building Blocks Toy - Pack of 50 Pieces

  -Best for hand- eye coordination 

construction building blocks

Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 4+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: It is a 50 piece planks set for construction. Made from good quality wood and is free from any colour or any sharp edges. completely child-safe and fun to play.

Currently it retails for 787 Rs /- and perfect premium toy for the little flower buds.  

Why we love it :   This Planks set is specially designed for hand-eye coordination , spacial skills, imagination and creativity. “There are a lot of plastic building blocks but I must say this is the best economic solution to it. And the figures aarav created from it were genuinely very interesting. I as a parent loved it.”, said Savita mother of our child tester, Aarav , 4.

7. Skillofun Construction Set - Spokes & Cubes

-Best for curiosity building

Age Suitability : 2+ | Best for Age 3+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: This construction set comes with: 15 cubes in three different colors, 45mm x 45mm x 45mm, 68 spokes in three different sizes – 32 spokes of 2 inches length, 18 spokes of 4 inches length, 18 spokes of 6 inches length. Each cube has one hole on each side The fun begins! 

Why we love it :   This is a very educative, challenging, yet fun toy! Teaches children color while they improve hand & eye coordination, logical thinking, strategy and cognitive development Comes in a wooden box. ” I am really very satisfied with the product as mother. It was quite fun and educative for him.” , said Mrs Sampurna Roy, mother of our child tester, 4.

8. Block Printing Diy Kit

  -Best for gross-motor skills

wooden block printing kit

Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 4+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: This unique kit includes 3 hand-carved wooden blocks, tote blocks , primer, 4 x colors , wooden tray , color pad and pins.  The kit introduce the kids with the ancient art art of block printing and also enhances their gross-motor skills, heightens creativity, improves visual perception.

Why we love it :  The products are made specially for kids to invoke their curiosity and artist inside them. “Unique, check. interesting check. fun check. Ayaan painted an entire bedsheet with the kit and it turned out so well. It was an amazing experience. Good product.”

currently available for 920Rs/- 


9. Pattern Blocks - Mosaic (26 Pieces)

  -Best for creativity 

puzzle mosaic

Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 5+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: It is a 26 piece mosaic block puzzle set with each piece size of 2 inches. It’s great for spatial awareness, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving.

Currently it retails around 1199Rs /- . slight high but worth.

Why we love it :   “Kunal loves making both patterns and asymmetric designs with these blocks. It is difficult and very beneficial for brain-training. I would give a 9/10 for this product for sure. ” said Mrs. Suhasini ,mother of our child tester Kunal, 4.

10. Clapjoy Spell Master Spelling Game For Kids

  -Best for learning spellings. 

spell learn spelling game

Age Suitability : 3+ | Best for Age 4+
Awards : Gold, Toygyan Toy Awards 2022

What it is: This game includes 8 spelling cubes , 25 cards and a wooden tray. This game can be played in 4 ways as mentioned in the description box and apart from that you can use the cubes to teach sight words ,grammar , vocabolary and it will definately boost child’s memory and english. 

Currently it retails for 699 on amazon. 

Why we love it :  The colors of the toys are very attractive and objective of the game is also productive. “Good Game. I can see a productive change in my son’s english vocabolary as well as interest.” , says Maitra , mother of our child tester Nikunj, 5.


To summarise , As your shopping guide I would recommend Pattern Blocks mosaic ,spellmaster  , wooden planks building blocks  and gardening kid for your child. Also do comment down below and let me know how did you find this Blog ? was this blog helpfull ? and further more which topic would you like me to write about next. 


Palak aggarwal 

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